Inventor Patrick Lee debuted a new and revolutionary solution for treating back pain on QVC Friday, September 20. Lee is a Human Spinal Biomechanics Researcher, author and lecturer. QVC invited him to showcase the QiPillow (pronounced CHEE-pillow) - because QiPillow looks like a beautiful throw pillow, but it’s also an orthopedic device.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 30% of American adults are afflicted by low back pain. That means if you know three people, one of them is probably in pain. Americans spend $200 billion a year treating back pain. QiPillow is affordable, attractive, and functional.

Hidden behind the luxurious pillow cover is an air-controlled orthopedic core. The core draws upon the same technology as the Sleep Number Bed System. The user can inflate or deflate the pillow until it is at the perfect amount of lower back pressure for them. No special tools are required to pump air into the inner core. The user simply needs to loosen the valve top and give it a few puffs of air (between three and five for most people). It is easier than blowing up a pillow.

It’s this inner core that makes QiPillow viable as an option to treat back pain. The core provides dynamic tension and, when positioned against the small of the back, reduces or eliminates the pain or fatigue you get from sitting for long periods.

“Our bodies were not designed to sit for more than 20 minutes at a time,” explains Lee. “After which the muscles in the lower back start to tense. Haven’t you wondered why you feel so tired after sitting all day?”

According to the Workers Safety and Insurance Board, simply sitting – without proper support -- is the leading cause for back pain, second only to heavy weight lifting.

The QiPillow differs from regular pillows by providing dynamic pressure, as opposed to the static pressure. This way the back muscles are more relaxed and the body is more comfortable. 

QiPillow does not collapse under bodyweight and will help you to maintain the correct posture. With QiPillow, your back support will always adjust to your body, seat and comfort, instead of the other way round. Unsupported sitting is damaging your back each time you sit, at work, at home, in cars. QiPillow corrects that by providing dynamic support to your back.

Lee is an invited lecturer on Human Spinal Biomechanics in the continued-education program for post-graduate doctors, at Life University in Georgia and for the New York Chiropractic Council. He has also lectured at other leading schools such as Harvard Business School, the China Europe International Business School, Schulich School of Business as a member of the Association of German Engineers (VDI –Verein Deutscher Ingenieure),. He received his post graduate degrees in Germany and The Netherlands.

Frustration at the lack of resolution concerning his own chronic back pain, Lee designed QiPillow to feel better. That’s why it’s called QiPillow in the first place, qi being Chinese for “life force or energy.” QiPillow is available in two neutral colors, camel and sage. QiPillow is will be made available on QVC as of September 20, from there it can be found on Amazon and at


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